Driveway paving

Do you opt for Pavers or concrete?

A question most people ask when deciding on a solid-surface driveway.??Pro and cons.??Price??Pavers are available in a huge range of styles, colours and prices. You are more likely to get the look and feel you want to achieve with pavers.  Most often than not paving tuns out cheaper than concrete, depending on your choice of material.


Concrete is less durable than clay or stone pavers, they wear quicker. This also apply to concrete pavers. Coloured concrete pavers fade and lose its surface, becoming pebbly from constant traffic or even from rain water. This is even more apparent in textured or stencilled concrete. Exposed aggregate, which is concrete with exposed pebbles is longer lasting and attractive and is often used on public walkways.
Pavers are flexible and concrete is not and may crack on clay soil due to expansion and contraction.
There is a bad pavers around but Stephen Nugent Paving and Landscaping can advise you on your choice of paver. Pavers paving laid over poorly compacted fill will always settle. But properly prepared fill will not sink.  If you decide on paving then insist on them being laid over at least 200mm of compacted roadbase for normal car traffic.
Consult Stephen Nugent Paving and Landscaping should you require heavy traffic use.


Most people are concerned about paving focusing on weeds. Pavers are more prone to weed-growth than concrete but by using inhibiting grout and simple household solutions this is easily avoided.?Paving makes repairs or alterations simple allowing materials to be recovered and recycled during renovation.
Paving also drains better leading to less  storm water run-off.
In Short both pavers and concrete have advantages and disadvantages. Pavers give the choice of materials, cost, flexibility, drainage, low-cost repair and allow for future alterations. Concrete has long-term stability but coloured concrete fades and wears quickly. The best concrete option for your driveway paving is exposed aggregate, but it is expensive.